Jonathan Rehm

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Hi, I’m Jonathan Rehm. Currently I work for HighPoint Technology Solutions as a technical architect/senior developer. We create bolt-on applications for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions enterprise application. That tool is what a lot of schools use as the portal for their students to get stuff done, like enrolling, managing their financial obligations to the school, and checking their grades. It is … fine. Sufficient. Not great. I don’t imagine many students experience any level of joy using it. At HighPoint we try to find places where Campus Solutions is lacking and fill that, whether it’s adding new functionality that Oracle has not delivered or improving the experience of things that Oracle does deliver.

I’ve been doing what I’m doing for about 10 years now and have learned some things along the way. PeopleSoft is an odd beast at times, and a very different development environment than I imagine most developers have to work with. It has its strengths and weaknesses, its kinks and idiosyncrasies. It makes some tasks ridiculously easy to do and others baffling hard.

I’m hoping to share some nuggets that I’ve learned over the years regarding those bafflingly hard items and what I’ve done to overcome them. I also want to share some things that I’ve learned that I think are interesting or notable. I plan to create some non-PeopleSoft posts, too, because I frankly find non-PeopleSoft stuff more interesting 90% of the time.

Over the years I’ve developed hobbies that take me away from my computer to give my eyes & mind a break, so those sorts of things will probably pop up from time to time. I enjoy wood-working, home projects, and activities with my family. I’ll likely share some of those (especially the projects) because they help me to feel refreshed so I can focus when I’m back at work.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest to some degree, enough that you’ll check in from time to time or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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